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enginesWelcome  to DeServ  International Trading LLC

DeServ International has been working with clients in the Middle East, North Africa and Asia for several years, supplying OEM parts and maintenance services for reciprocating engines. Our clients are Electrical and Cement Companies, Oil and Gas Companies and Shipping Companies. We are presently supplying OEM parts and services with clients in Saudi, Sudan, Iraq, India, Indonesia and Philippines. We supply OEM parts alone or with services as required.DeServ International is presently grossing around $20 million per year.

Over the years, DeServ has developed unique relationships with the same parts suppliers that are used by Wartsila,Mann, Caterpillar and other providers of engines and associated equipment. Located in Dubai, we also have relationships with suppliers of almost any BOP equipment, parts and other needs that you may have. We can provide complete inspection, installation and maintenance services. Our parts are not pirated or Chinese copies, but original parts from the factories in Europe, UK and the USA (OEM).

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DeServ International understands the importance of on site maintainence, they are very professional and providing great services.